Robotics Expo On The Horizon


We’re looking forward to attending the Parallax Robotics Expo in nearby Rocklin, CA in April.  In order to get ready for that we need to create some demos of our products.  Currently I’m thinking about putting together 4 demos for the new Synaptron Micro motion controller, based around the Parallax BASIC Stamp 2. I’d like to get something running on their Propeller controller, and other systems, but I know how hardware goes.  At some point I’ll spend way too much time grinding down bolts, wiring point-to-point, and cutting/drilling metal because the first attempt was 1/16th of an inch off.  So I’ll probably need to focus on getting our electronics controlled by something cheap and easy.  Moving some motors and loads with a variety of control inputs and feedbacks should provide a variety of examples of how our stuff works.  I’ll give that a shot and then call it a day.  

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