Our next solar demonstration project

We are working on upgrading our solar tracker demonstration project.  After that is done, we need to come up with another demonstration project to show off our capabilities.  I think I would like to do something like this.  That’s right, I think the next logical step for us is to come up with a solar-powered yacht capable of circumnavigating the world’s oceans on sun power alone.  We just need to get up to speed on:  boat-building, seamanship, navigation, and anti-piracy measures, to name a few.  We probably need to move our company from a land-locked location to something on the ocean – probably Tahiti. . . . . OK, maybe that is tearing off too big a chunk for our next project.

But, I really like this accomplishment.   Basically, in the name of science and adventure, a Swiss watch company funded this project, which is a 100 foot long, solar-powered,  catamaran.  It has spent the last two years plying the worlds oceans and will return to it home port of Monaco (of course!) tomorrow.  Check out the full website for more pictures, blogs, and details.   I’m off to find my admirals hat.

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