More Open Source Designs in 2013


In December we released 5 more open source SIP modules, bringing our current total to 10.  In early 2013 we’ll introduce 3 more with larger footprints that are microcontroller based.

Here’s a brief description of the latest modules.

BM006:  3-Axis Accelerometer –   This module has 3 analog outputs that are proportional to the acceleration being applied to the MEMs IC.  This can be used as a tilt detector in mechanical systems.

BM007: IR Object Sensor – Detects objects at 4” (100mm) using an IR transmitter/receiver.  The module outputs a logic signal if an object is detected.

BM008: Triple Power Switch – 3 high side switches allow you to turn on/off two power busses using logic level controls.  These can be used to turn on fans, motors, lights, or other external loads with a microcontroller.

BM009:  Serial to IR Converter – Two of these modules can be used to create a short range (1M) IR communication interface.  Connect your microcontroller serial port to an IR device with these modules.

BM010:  USB to Serial Converter – This  USB to serial converter that allows you to connect your embedded electronics to a PC USB port as a standard serial port.  Very handy.

Coming soon are a dual DC motor and quad servo controller board, a button / user-interface controller, and a generic microcontroller board for experiments.  These three modules will all be based on the PIC16F1829 and come in a 20 pin PCB package.

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