Microchip’s MTS2916A Stepper Motor Controller

Microchip is carrying the MTS2916A stepper motor controller (or dual DC motor controller). I’ve run across this part before, but at the time it was sold by Allegro, and at a much higher price. Microchip’s budgetary pricing is $0.80US for 1000 unit quantities, and it can be purchased in small quantities from MicrochipDirect.com.

The part is fairly old, relying on BJT transistors internal to the IC for motor voltage switching. I would say the motor voltage rating of 10-40V is good. It would be better if it operated down to about 6-7 volts. The 750mA current rating is a little light when compared to MOSFET based H-bridges. But I do like the fact that this part can be used for stepper motor applications or to control two brushed DC motors. Lastly, the proection schemes built into the part seem to cover most bases, which is a big plus. The protections include undervoltage lockout (4V), thermal shutoff (170 degrees C), and PWM based current limiting.

For small robotics applications the MTS2916A might be a good fit. The price is right and the package is small (SOP24 pin, basically a 24 pin package about 7.5mm wide with a 0.5mm pini-to-pin spacing).
MTS2916A datasheet

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