Even I could hit that barn

I don’t know much about firearms.  I used to hunt when I was a kid growing up, but have not been shooting in over a decade, so I am out of the loop.  However, this seems awesome.  Sandia Labs has a proof of concept design of a self-guided bullet that does not use inertial guidance systems.  Basically the bullet has some adjustable fins that an 8-bit controller moves as it tracks a laser illumination of the target.   The picture below shows time-lapse photo of an off-target bullet with an additional LED flying towards a target.  It is really cool to see the path change direction as the bullet zeros in on the target.  I think the neatest thing about this is that an 8-bit controller has enough horsepower to control the whole thing.  I makes implementing a robot or weather station seem all the more doable.

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