End of an era

Here is a moving pictorial essay of the now-mothballed space shuttle fleet.  Although the original promise (frequent, low-cost flights to space for both the government and private  entities) of the space shuttle program never played out in reality, the shuttle itself always inspired me.  I am fully on-board with the new space initiatives that bring private funding, know-how, and excitement to space-travel and exploration, but the shuttle has a warm spot in my heart.  I am too young to have been caught up in the race to the moon.  I came of age with the promise and heartache of the shuttle.  It seems odd to me that the program has now ended.  I hope that it won’t take too long for regular manned flight to space to resume again. . . although I don’t think it will come from NASA.


  1. Vaughn –

    I agree that space exploration is a vital part of the USA’s scientific knowledge generation bucket. I think there are some great things being done with unmanned space craft (such as the Mars missions, and the various telescopes currently deployed and planned). From the 1960s through the 19990s, I think space was a great introduction to science and engineering for kids all over. I think that some of that has been lost and that is a shame.

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