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A week ago I posted my lament over the Digi Key paper catalog’s demise.  In that post, I had hoped to convey that Digi Key is a really good company and that I use them as my initial source for any parts search.  Part and parcel with that was the paper catalog.  I’ve always thought Digi Key did a fabulous job:  sold parts in small quantities, easy user interface, stocked almost everything, very easy to purchase.  Basically they are the Amazon of the electronics distribution game.  I think they are a first class operation.

Well, I had an opportunity to see this in action.  A couple of days after that initial post, a lady (I am not going to post her name) from Digi Key contacted me directly to talk about the post.  She was very nice and was searching for more information about how I use Digi Key.  Before I delve into what we talked about, I want to take a moment to recognize that someone at Digi Key is scouring the web and looking for mentions.  In addition, they found the my blog, which is fairly new and very small.  In addition, they read it and decided to take action.  In addition, they contacted me for feedback.  They did all that to try to make their company better.  By all accounts Digi Key is a very successful company – they did not need to spend any time investigating my blog.  But they did.  I think that shows one small, small part of why they are successful.  They take the extra step.

Moving on, the talk was fairly focused on their web site, and how they can make it better.  I showed them how I use the web site (Dynamic Catalog and product index) and compared it to how I use the paper catalog.  I have no idea what they will do with that info or if I provided them with anything valuable.  However, I am very impressed that they are overturning every stone to keep their company chugging along.  Unfortunately, they aren’t going to print me a personal paper catalog every six months.  Other than that I have no complaints.

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