Charging a Single Cell Li-Po Battery–Disco Bike Light Part 2


In last week’s exciting episode of “Disco Bike Light” I covered some of the issues I had with this electronic design.  In summary, I’ve decided to convert my bike light to a multi-color kaleidoscope of mobile joy.
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solar tracker fabrication

In a previous post, I started rambling on about the basic design of a scaled solar tracker we were building as a demonstration.  The Google Sketchup design ended up something like this…

solar tracker 4

Since mechanical fabrication is not our specialty, we cheated a bit and printed scaled “cut-outs” of various pieces to cut and drill.  Using SketchUp to do this saved quite a bit of time determining hole and edge layout during fabrication.

Here is a picture of the slewing drive used to rotate the panels.

slew drive

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Engineering and Design


And now for something completely different.  One of our “Links We Like” to the right is MoCo Loco.  The site tends to focus on physical design, and has a lot of content that merges art with function.   As an electronic engineers I think I can benefit from keeping an eye on what these designers do.

This morning I ran across the example pictured here.  It is described as space saving furniture developed for the University of Valparaiso, Chile.  For some reason I’m always drawn to things that serve multiple functions.  Flip-flops with bottle openers built in… awesome.  Cars that are also boats, not practical,… but still awesome.  Lunch boxes that also serve as jet-packs… not invented yet, but when they are I think they’ll be awesome too.

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