Near Field Communication (NFC) with the Arduino


Near Field Communication, or NFC, with the Arduino can be accomplished using our BM019 serial to NFC converter module.

NFC is used for short range exchanges of data.  It can be used to read and write to smart cards and to interface with parasitically powered EEPROM.  One interesting application of NFC is the post production programming of variables into  electronic assemblies.  You could, for example, program a set of variables into a motion control module by waving a NFC master unit over an EEPROM located on an unpowered board, and adjust the EEPROM contents.

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Near Field Communication(NFC) with ST Micro’s CR95HF – Part 3

This is the third installment/blog on the CR95HF, a near field communication IC manufactured by ST Micro.  NFC is a short range RF communication protocol commonly used with smart cards for touch-less information exchange.  New cell phones are being built with NFC hardware integrated making consumer applications more likely to be ubiquitous in the near future.  Examples of applications might be vending machines or secure access systems.  Here’s a Wikipedia summary of NFC.

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Near Field Communication (NFC) with ST Micro CR95HF – Part 2


Near Field Communication (NFC) with ST Micro CR95HF.  A couple of weeks back I started working on a circuit board that holds ST Micro’s CR95HF NFC communication IC.  NFC stands for near field communication, and is basically an very short-range RF data link. Several communication protocol have been adopted for use with NFC hardware.

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