Another good example of design

A while back, we started showing off interesting design that does not necessarily fall into the electronics/robotics/embedded-design sphere.  I will continue in the same vein and add to the series.  Here  (You Tube video) is another good example of this.  Basically, an architect in Hong Kong took an approximately 300 square foot “tenement” apartment and converted it into a “luxury” living space.  The walls, furniture, and fixtures in the rectangular-shaped room, move around to give extra functionality.  I really like that the kitchen and bath-tub can be hidden from view.  I note that the plumbing dependent features (sink, toilet, tub), do NOT move; they are merely hidden by other walls and furniture.  If the plumbing moved, I would have moved from impressed to flabbergasted.  I also really like the full window at one end that lets in light all day.  I am not sure how I feel about the mirrored ceiling though – that seems a touch too “70s  key-party” for me.  All in all, the is a pretty good example of engineering trade-offs and compromise can still result in a solid design.

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