A Robot Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

My initial reaction to this robot was that it was kind of silly.  It reminded me of a robotic Flowbee.  And the sales pitch voiceover in the video made me wonder of Godzilla might come crashing through the roof.  But this robot really is a piece of quality engineering.  Imagine designing a robotic system that touches a human being.  That’s not a trivial design.  Add to that the need to touch a human head, while the human is in a vulnerable position, and cleaning something as tangly as hair (yeah I know tangly’s not a word, but this is the internet, anything goes).   Then you have to design it for the variety of human head sizes, and hair lengths.  All-in-all this is a difficult problem to solve, and a pretty substantial feat of engineering.  Not sure the case was made for why I shouldn’t just wash my own hair, .

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